From Christenings to Confirmations

It seems very early for Confirmation ceremonies, but already several schools have celebrated this sacrament.  My daughter celebrated the Ceremony of light at Killeshin last Monday.  It was a really lovely ceremony with a large turn out from the community – family, friends, sponsors, teachers and school choir turning a regular Monday evening to something special.  The ceremony of light is a part of the preparation for Confirmation where the children renew the baptismal promises their parents and sponsors made on their behalf when they were Baptised.  Their Christening/Baptismal candle is lit and passed from parent or sponsor to the child symbolising the transfer of responsibility for their spiritual well being from their parents to themselves as acknowledged by their Confirmation into the Church.  

Personalised Christening candle with Christening date engraved together with symbols representing Holy Communion and Confirmation

I have been so pleased to have customers returning to me in recent months to add Confirmation dates (and sometimes Confirmation name) on candles which I prepared for their children’s Christening up to 12 years ago.  I felt privileged to have prepared my own children’s candles for their Christenings, Communions and finally Confirmation.  The next time they’re used could possibly be for Weddings…………I remember engraving candles for a couple who’s christenings, communions, and confirmations were very close in date, so for the individual candles in the Unity set they asked me to engrave all these dates and then the Unity candle as normal – so the candles provided a unique record of their progress through life!