School holidays – good time to say “thanks a million”!


I know teachers get an awful lot of presents over the last few days of school and recently parents have been asked not to spend so much money buying presents. Sometimes a simple sincere “thanks” spoken or on a card means more than a bought gift. For years I’ve made presents for my children’s teachers, helpers, bus drivers, and school secretaries . The gifts are always small – usually made the night before holidays – bit like tonight!! This year I’m painting wooden clothes pegs to close a little bag of sweets. If I can find my roll of magnetic tape I’ll stick a bit on the back so the peg can be used for notes on the fridge!

I was delighted to be asked to engrave candles for my friend’s children’s teachers this year. I know 2 of the teachers well so it was almost like giving them the gift myself – but it also meant I knew what the teacher might like! I know miss Fitzpatrick loves frogs of all sorts so she got her frog with matching card and ribbon! I like to personalise my candles and gifts not just with names but learning what the person may be interested in and trying to include aspects of that interest. It’s highly unlikely that the teacher will get another candle exactly like this one!!

Hope we all enjoy the break from uniforms, lunches, homework…and I hope the teachers, helpers, bus drivers and secretaries enjoy their little treat! Their painted pegs can be used again for closing packets of tea/pasta/coffee/cereal……until next year!

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