Looking on the bright side

Oh that Monday feeling……….and its Tuesday already!! Bank holidays really have a way of throwing everything out of synch!! However it really was a lovely weekend – Saturday was special with opening of Nartowska school of art exhibition – Milo & Sorcha had work there and it was a pure delight to see their and all Iwona’s students amazing work on display, and for sale!! Sunday was spent with family in Cavan, celebrating joint cousins babies christenings – Saoirse & Ellen. Needless to say they had their own specially designed Christening candles supplied by their rather ancient cousin!! I also had the opportunity to deliver another christening candle to nearby town – I didn’t get around to showing off Ellen & Saoirse’s candles so here’s a pic of another similar one!!

It was wonderful to be able to celebrate such a happy occasion with family, and good weather was a bonus! However my trip “home” was somewhat tinged with sadness as one of the families will be winging back to Canada soon.

Another aspect of my trip was both sad but ultimately full of hope and positivity as I delivered a remembrance/family candle to a wonderful lady who’s son was killed in 2009 – he would have been celebrating his 8th birthday soon so its a difficult time for her. I hope the candle specially designed for her and the family will bring some solace. Her attitude and faith was just amazing – I hope I’m never in her place – yet again I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have 4 fine children all thriving and full of life. Hope you all have a good week, sunshine helping to bring out positivity and appreciation of what we have rather than focusing on what we don’t.




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