The reluctant blogger flickrs into life!

I’ve always been a little reluctant when it comes to rendering my business or life experiences in writing, but here goes!  Its not that I hate blogging, I just find it difficult – it’s so much easier to put photos up on my flickr page which can then link to my personal facebook , Candledesigns on Facebook and……..of course I should be linking them HERE too!  Doh!  I could’ve been apparently blogging for ages if I had to think that through!   Anyway I’ve joined KLCK (Kildare, Laois, Carlow & Kilkenny) bloggers group now –  there’s lots of support, interaction,  ideas, lovely people all blogging to their hearts content, or some just attempting to -just like me.  So I’ve no excuse and even less so now that I’ve given my first presentation to the group at our 2nd Meeting at the Talbot Hotel in Carlow last Monday (9th Aug).

Amanda launching our 2nd KLCK bloggers meeting

Amanda Webb of Spiderworking(one of the founders of the bloggers group) has given me a deadline to get this together by Monday and she has obviously found the kick in the ass I need!  DEADLINE!  I definitely work better when there’s a proverbial carrot at the end of the stick.

Ever since my brother Andrew got me interested in Flickr I’ve been busy adding photos regularly.  He’s an excellent photographer and musician and has made some great photographic connections and indeed won competitions and sold images through Flickr.   It’s worthwhile having a look at some of his work – I would say that wouldn’t I?!!

I’ve been singing the praises of flickr  for ages whenever I attend many of the helpful seminars at Carlow Enterprise board (some presented by the same Amanda).  So Amanda suggested I might present my view of flickr to the all new KCLK bloggers group.  As it was my first presentation, I decided to just talk it through, and avoided tcchnical stuff – such as projectioners and the like!  This approach might have made for boring twitter streaming that Amanda had organised, but it seemed to get the message across that Flickr is extremely user friendly, and perfect for showing one’s work off in a visual way to accompany blogs or in my case to be the blog!!

My most recent uploaded photo

So here’s an abridged version of my presentation:  For those who would like to go straight to the Flickr site tour just click HERE.  You can even set up your account from there.  Enjoy!!

For a more wordy untechnical version – read on!

Flickr is an image and video hosting site owned by Yahoo.  You need a yahoo account/email address to set up your Flickr account.  Its really quite easy to use and remember if you’re already on facebook or any other social networks Flickr is like social networking with photos!  You can share photos with other Flickr’rs and the world or just your friends.  Other flickr members can comment on your photos and vis a versa.  You can link your flickr page or individual photos to your blog or facebook page through yahoo updates or simply by grabbing the link or copying the url and pasting directly.  The help forum or frequently asked questions section is useful if you run into trouble!

  • You can have a free account or pay approx €20 annual fee for professional account.  Advantages of free account over pro account-
  • Free account – you can upload 100mb images per month plus 2 videos.   If you have more than 200 photos loaded up the most recent 200 will only be visible.  You can only join max 10 photo pools/groups.  Small images will only be visible.  Other flickr account holders can comment on your photos as can you – so its quite interactive.
  • Pro Account Costs approx €20 per year – if you upgrade from free account all photos, tags and comments will transfer
  1. Upload unlimited photos and videos (including Higher definition videos)  Unfortunately videos are limited to 90 seconds
  2. Unlimited storage and Archiving of photos
  3. Photos can be replaced
  4. Join up to 60 groups / pools
  5. The aspect that I find most useful with Pro account is the ability to check statistics of how viewers find you, how frequently your photos are looked at and where the viewers have found you –
  6. If you’re looking for a useful christmas or birthday gift – pro account can be gifted whether or not you’re already on flickr!

How I use Flickr

  • My photostream shows the most recent photos I’ve uploaded.
  • Uploading photos is easy.  Choose whether to have photos visible to everyone, your contacts / friends or private.  If you want to share your photos with someone not on flickr you can send them a “guest pass” by email.
  • Give your photo a title
  • Add tags – Tagging photos is very effective as your photos can be found through all search engines, most popularly yahoo, google and flickr itself.  Stats will also pick up if your photos are found directly from your blog, facebook or other social media. You can add up to 75 tags per photo. Geo tags can be added showing where the photo was taken – this can increase audience interested in your photo and is another point of interest for the wider flickr community.
  • Add description – this can elaborate on your photo information, or simply describe your photo.
  • Notes can be added by highlighting directly on the photo – useful to identify individuals or specific aspects of your photos.  Other Flickr’rs can add notes too
  • Photos can be edited via Picnik on the flickr site – though I prefer to edit them on iphoto and upload the edited version.
  • Because I have so many photos on flickr I’ve organised them into Sets and then into Collections.
  • I’ve joined several groups on flickr in areas of interest to me eg. Candles, Crafts, Mosaics, Lego………have a look at some of my groups HERE.  Adding photos to your various groups can increase visitors to your page, and can also be great for giving you ideas and finding new contacts.  Have a look at the all new KLCK bloggers flickr page to put faces on some of the bloggers!

I should say that Flickr is a resource to display your photos (whatever they’re showing) – in my case mostly candles, but also my interests, crafts, nature etc.  Selling through flickr is not allowed, however they do allow you to put your website in your profile.  they don’t want you to sell directly from the site – have a look at the guidelines.  An exception to this rule would be selling images – you can opt in to Getty images if you’d like Getty access to your photos with a view to purchasing some – often for product images or some other images suited to advertising.

Flickr can act as a very useful conduit between you and your customers, but also you and the world!  I see it as my online portfolio!  Whatever you decide to post on Flickr enjoy it and take lots of photos.  Start looking around you if you’re stuck for ideas – on regular walks to school with my daughter we used to take photos most mornings of the hedges along the way and animals in the fields.  I have a whole set of our observations. It’s amazing how much you can see when you start looking!

Finishing on a positive note!

5 thoughts on “The reluctant blogger flickrs into life!

  1. Way to go Paula, you are inspiring me to take the plunge. Like you I resist the written word, goes back to my school days when creativity was not what ‘got your exams’.
    Keep blogging and when I take the plunge I will let you know.
    ‘slow to blog’

  2. It was a great presentation Paula. Setting up Flickr is now on my (growing) list of jobs to do.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write it all out (above) as I wont have to remember everything you said or try and decipher all my notes!

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